Marathon questions for Ironman Triathlon

Marathon questions

Question: I keep slowing down in the second half of a marathon, losing 15 minutes yet I am able to run many 17-22 mile runs in training beforehand without any problem of slowing down. I have also carried 2 Lucozade bottles for energy.I have had a test and have been advised to stay below 165 beats per minute. I tend not to use a heart rate monitor only in training and not in the marathon. I am also much faster in training than my running partner but so far they have beaten me in both marathons because I slow down in the last few miles.

Ironmate Answer:
1. You need to use your Heart Rate Monitor and stay between 155-160 beats per minute for the whole marathon then if you feel strong in the last 3 miles picks up the pace.

2. If you can run less than 5 minutes slower for second half you have paced it wellThree minutes too fast in first 13.1 miles can be 15 minutes too slow in last 13.1 miles!!!= First half fast and hard second half slow and painful.
Trust me I have been foolish having done 73 marathons.

3. Yes DO NOT carry 2 bottles of Lucozade carry gels instead and consume these from 10 miles onwards just before the next drinks station and take about 6oz of plain water.In a test I read a while ago you actually use up more calories carrying them than you get from drinking them!!No point in carrying sugared water when you can pick up water at the feed stations.

4. Gels are the way forward ONLY if you have been experimenting with them; they are light and have 80-130 calories per serving.How will you carry them in a gel holder try and avoid a bum bag unless it fits well and you do not have to keep moving and adjusting it. You need to experiment using a gel holder in at least 3 long runs.

I suggest you take them every 2 miles from 10 miles onwards this should delay you feeling tired. Save one for 21-23 miles. It can take up to 10 minutes for it to have an effect so no use saving it until 24.5 miles otherwise you will have lots of energy the moment you cross the finish line.

5. You need approx 100 calories per mile 4-6 gels should be enough.
If you have rested and eaten well and paced yourself you will have 2,000 calories enough for 20 miles at least, this will delay you slowing down.
Have a gel before a feed station and make sure you have at least 5oz of fluid about 3/4 of a cup of water minimum. If you follow these tips you can easily achieve personnel best.
I usually take two cups as they may be 1/3 full each.I did 2:57 in Amsterdam 3 years ago is flat & windy but can still be hard as you use mostly the same muscle groups."It's the pace that Kills not the distance"These tips apply to Marathon running in general and also to Ironman Triathlon marathon running.