Training after giving birth for Female Ironman Triathlon Athletes


ANEMIA - You may suffer from breathlessness light-head feeing when training, stop at once and consult your doctor or professional medical specialist.

When considering exercise after having a baby the following have to be taken.

ACTIVITY - after childbirth should avoid high impact sports like running for the first eight weeks.

ABS - your abs split during pregnancy so avoid rigorous stomach workouts, even running on rough off road can delay healing.

BRA FIT - Your breast size may have changed so make sure that your bra provides adequate support.
One sports bra may not be enough for adequate support; some mother’s have successfully used 2 bras.

BREAST FEEDING - Train after breast-feeding because they should be less full and lighter.
Babies that are fed post-workout can complain due to the mother’s milk tastes sour due to an increase in the level of lactic acid in the milk. Expressing milk beforehand can overcome this problem.

BUGGY EXERCISE - has been used by many new mothers to go out get fresh air running and walking using a sports buggy. Find a comfortable height to be able to run while pushing without leaning forward too much.

CAESAREAN - recovery will take much longer than a normal birth. Your hospital will give you advice. Expect recovery to take up to 8 weeks. Everyone is different but be cautious.

EXERCISE- training after pregnancy is totally unique. You may be able to exercise soon afterwards then find it difficult as your recovery from birth takes it toll.
Aim to train for 25% of the time you did pre-birth, and then build up slowly. Normal types of exercise are recommended after six weeks of giving birth and up to 9 weeks if you have had a caesarean.
The tip is to listen to your body and build up slowly.
Consider what training you have done before or during the pregnancy.
Refrain from new sports due to extra stretch ability of your body.

FREQUENCY - Try and avoid more than two days on in a row and reduce intensity and distance.Your body needs time to recover from the pregnancy and birth.

INDIVIDUAL - every one is different and each birth is individual so do not have a plan about how fit you want to be in 3 months! Take your time and assess each session.

INJURY PREVENTION - your fitness, flexibility, joint strength will have all been affected being pregnant and giving birth so can lead to injuries.

JOINTS - will be loose for up to 12 weeks after birth due to the pregnancy hormone called relaxin. To prevent injuries avoid impact or sudden changes in direction.

LIGAMENTS- they will be looser for up to 12 weeks after birth due to the hormone called relaxin.

PAIN - refrain from any exercises that cause Breast, Hip, Pelvic or Stomach discomfort or pain.

POST NATAL STRESS - Exercise has been shown to reduce post-natal depression and stress.

Trying to fit in exercise with disturbed sleep patterns extra demands are helpful providing the demands of “Your time” in it is not too challenging.

RECOVERY - complete recovery takes time due to strain and changes in hormones and is different for every birth.

STRETCHING - avoid full stretching due to the relaxin hormone can allow you to over stretch. Injuries may not be apparent until this birth hormone is no longer present.

TIME- allows time to build up slowly.

TRIATHLON - you can resume cycling first as this is non weight bearing. Seek medical advice about swimming to avoid picking up any infections. Start by walking then power walking before taking up running.Wear a good support bra.

TUMMY - it can take many weeks for your uterus will slowly contract making your stomach smaller.

TYPE OF EXCERECISE - aqua-workouts, cycling, palates spin cycle, classes, swimming, walking and yoga.

WEIGHT LOSS- Exercise can help with improved weight loss and fitness providing you do not injure yourself. Avoid reduced calorie diet otherwise your milk can lack healthy nutrients required for the baby.

********Always check with your doctor or midwife on their advice about resuming exercise after being pregnant and having a baby. ********