"Mark Kleanthous is an ordinary individual but an extraordinary athlete."

Ironman Mark Kleanthous

My first experience in sport was finishing last in a schoolboy cross-country race. This has driven me to always want to do better, so for the last 30 years I've gone onto achieve numerous first positions in a variety of different types of events. I've also gone on to win three gold Triathlon medals at the National British Triathlon relays.

I'm highly motivated and have a huge appetite for knowledge and competing, having competed in over 1,000 events from running the mile to the Triple Ironman lasting just under 46 hours with no stopping or sleep.

I continually strive to improve and still able to go quicker even after competing for 3 decades and reduce age related decline in my performances - see list of achievements here - (or download file). I understand the need to learn by making mistakes and the aim of this website is to give you my wealth of knowledge with time saving effective training techniques.

I'm a founder member of the British Triathlon Association and Elite member of the Great Britain Triathlon Team and have represented my country over the last 20 years. My ambition is to run 3,000 miles across America and compete 100 sub 3-hour marathons. I've already finished 71 marathons under 3 hours.

I've also helped many runners and triathletes to National and International level.