Anemia And Iron Rich Foods

Anemia can be a big hurdle to overcome if you are an Ironman or Triathlon athlete. The best way to combat this problem is to ensure your diet contains a good mixture of Iron rich foods. Some of the best are detailed below. As with all things a varied diet is best but if you suffer with Anemia it is advisable to eat more of these iron rich foods than normal.

Boiled egg 50g has 1mg of iron.

120g of Tinned baked beans has1.7mg of iron.

80g (approx) 4 dried figs 2.1 mg of iron

12g (a table spoon) of sesame seeds 1.2 mg of iron

Sardines 50g have 1.5mg of iron.

Hard cheese 30g 0.12mg of iron

Black treacle 35g 1.2mg of iron

Whole meal bread one slice 35g has 1.0mg of iron

Peanut Butter 20g has 0.5mg of iron.

200g of brown rice has 0.9mg of iron

125g banana has 0.50mg of iron.