Avoiding Injuries


Every sport has different demands on your body.

SWIMMING – of the three sports of triathlon swimming is considered the injury free. Chlorine if too strong can bleach cause asthma if you are sensitive, your hair root swim clothing over time, sting eyes.

Verruca warts can be caused from damp floors from communal swimming pools.

Over use and shoulder injuries are common with swimmers. Rotator cuff injury needs good treatment and rehabilitation because it controls shoulder position and generates power. Using large hand paddles poor technique and failing to recover plus over training all contribute to rotator cuff injuries.

Knee ligament problems can occur from breaststroke swimming. Aim to kick to the width of your shoulders. Back and ligament problems can occur from front crawl (Freestyle). Crawler’s compression happens by applying shoulder power before full completion of the arm recovery.

Wetsuit rubbing can be reduced by using Body glide similar to Vaseline that stops rubbing and does not destroy wetsuit seams. Taking time to put on your wetsuit will also reduce a rubs occurring.

CYCLING – correct bike size and set up fit is time well spent to reduce aches pains and possible injuries. Check handle bar length, this can be checked by putting elbow on tip of saddle and fingers should touch handlebars. And saddle height does not move over time. Long distance cycling can lower your immune system. Your resistances can be lower unless you follow good hydration and replacing energy stores straight afterwards.

High available energy levels will lessen the chances of your body to become susceptible to illness. Prevent boils by using antiseptic chamois cream, use clean clothing on each ride and change and shower straight after each cycle ride. Prevent hand pains by wearing padded gloves and or anti vibration damping handlebar tape.

If you suffer from low back pain while riding try and keep your back less bowed. Riding low in the aero position usually when racing you can suffer from acid that comes out causing heartburn. Antacids and water and reduce the symptoms.

Knees can suffer from being in the same fixed position for many miles. If knees are sore reduce miles, and only use easy gears with a higher cadence and refrain from climbing until you can ride on the flat pain free with large (harder) gears. Numbness in the thumb 1st and 2nd fingers could be from Carpal tunnel syndrome this is usually caused by your grip.

Numb penis is caused by pressure on certain nerves and veins. Change position or saddle if this fails to solve the problem consult your doctor.

RUNNING – high impact running has the highest risk of lower leg injuries. Too much too soon can lead to injuries such as Osgood Schlatter's disease, patella pain, shin splints all are often from too much too soon without adequate recovery between sessions.

Many lower limb injuries caused by overuse can be linked to poor gluteus medius function. Spending time on efficient running style is a vital part during the rehabilitation process. Always consult a specialist for advice to give you accurate analysis and treatment if the symptoms last more than 7 days.