Backache Caused By Swimming

Backache is a common complaint in Ironman and Triathlon athletes, causes range from poor posture to incorrect wetsuit choice. The main causes are often stroke mechanics and these can be assed and changed to help in this problem.
Relaxed easy breathing – not forcing your head out of the water.

High head position- Not burying your head. If you do then have to turn head 90 degrees to breathe

Slow head movements- not jerking when breathing.

Symmetrical stroke – check stroke count on each arm is the same per length when single arm swimming. The arm that does not catch the water can be 2-4 strokes more.

Streamlined and balanced- each side should be the same as the other.

During breastroke power should come from the legs and not the arms.

Good smooth movements not stop start causing strain. – You may feel you move forward with each stroke then stop momentary before the next stroke.