How To Develop Better Cycling Efficiency

Have you had a professional bike fit?
Is the distance from your crank axle when furthest away from saddle 108% of your inside leg measurement considered best for cycle performance? Do you have the right size cranks for the length of your leg? Ask an expert from your bike shop.If over stretched you will be off balanced and as a result lose power.

All one pace training, either fitting in lots of training at slow pace (will seem hard as you are tired all the time) or training all the time risking injury and sickness.Use too easy gears on hills i.e. always using lowest [largest size rear sprocket] on hills.

This builds up fitness but not bike strength. Test: Time yourself up a hill in different gears to find your optimum gear cadence.

Wrong cadence when racing usually too slow [60-65 revs per minute], too big a gear as a result lower watt generated. Do you train always in easy gears then try and race in the biggest gear possible? Test: Experiment with different gears and what affect it has on your speed.

Not mixing training doing all one pace training instead of easy medium and fast.

Correct bike fit for power and comfort while being aerodynamic as possible.

Training on hills getting out of the saddle loses bike specific fitness instead of seated riding.

Starting the swim too fast will result in a sub par bike ride in a triathlon as you are playing catch up and will have to go slow during part of the bike section in a triathlon.

To improve you also need to cycle at lest 3 times a week only doing once or twice in 7 days will just about current fitness and not allow you to do a hard interval [only at certain times of year] 10mile TT pace hill reps long slow distance medium pace rides and real easy recovery only sessions.

To bike well you need to balance even power with each leg often there is a tendency to out more emphasis on the stronger leg.Test: riding on the turbo or on a quiet safe road one legged to find dead spots on one pr both legs. Aim for a full circular rotation for better performance.

Would you benefit from a more aerodynamic position or aero bike and wheels [tri spoke disc wheel heavier tube] lighter bike?