How To Calculate Your Calories For A Race

Working out your calories needs is one of the vital aspects of preparation for an Ironman Triathlon race. It has often been said that if you get the nutrition right ie the calories then the race will take care of itself. You can only get this factor right after careful training, preparation and analysis of the clories needed to complete an event of this distance.

After 25 years of racing, training and testing ironmate believes that the maximum amount of calories you can efficiently use during exercise is based on the athlete’s weight, examples shown below.

Follow the guide below to help you finish an Ironman triathlon.
Try this in training over many weeks before the Ironman.
60kg athlete (132 lbs) - The max a 60kg athlete can take in is 600ml per hour.
70kg athlete (154 lbs) - The max a 70kg athlete can take in is 700ml per hour.
80kg athlete (176 lbs) - The max an 80kg athlete can take in is 800ml per hour.
To work out you’re own calories log onto front page of shown on under Triathlon section. Then using ironmate formula converted it into the Ironman pace then work out calories likely to be used.

Estimate it on the minimum and maximum to give you a good range. In long distance racing you can only absorb 35-60% of your maximum calories needed to be able to perform without slowing down. Your own personnel energy levels required as based on many factors including current fitness weather and terrain conditions.
Examples to follow shortly to help you work out your own needs. I estimate the following athlete will need the following energy based on their current fitness levels and how long it will take to complete the race.
Triathlete A =270 calories for 1500m swim-10 mile bike 540 calories and 6km run 740 calories.
Time Taken 35% calories 60% calories
Iron Man Swim 66 -75 minutes 640 690
Iron Man Bike 5:45-6:30 4,200 5,525
Iron Man Marathon 4:05-4:40 2,480 2,790

Then use the following. Consume 35-60% of total calories needed. Unable to do this during Swim so condense this during Bike & Run.
Minimum amount you will need is (35%) 2,548 - 3,173 to max (60%) 4,368-5,440 calories divide by 10-12 hours after swim and you can see how many calories you need per hour for your Ironman.
Remember to consider calories from drinks as well as bars.If you consume too many calories you may fail to finish due to digestive problems. Often the in heat some individuals need to sweat to keep cool which requires a good blood supply needed by working muscles and digestion. Often blood to digestion is reduced causing you slow the absorption process.

i.e... 50g gram of Hi Five in a 500ml bottle is 194 calories.