Carb Loading for endurance events


A few things to think about in the last two weeks before a marathon.

When carbo loading remember that extra water is stored within the carbohydrate, so you should just continue to drink the same amount of water for your hydration requirements i.e. so that your urine is very pale or slightly clear, but not clear as this could mean you are over drinking. Monitor your urine to find your own correct individual balance.

Salty or spicy foods also allow for you to hold onto water for longer, that's why they have salty and spicy foods in hot countries! Try this in a mini taper for a “B” race to see if you benefit.

For every 1g carbohydrate it will hold 4grams of water. You may be aware that carbohydrate needs water to effectively store it. Usually water is absorbed in the cooking process, so there should be no need to drink lots of water during carbohydrate loading. Had you tried to eat dried pasta or rice then you would have a problem!

It’s Ok in our experience to occasionally snack on biscuits bread and white pasta in the last 3 days. Your body will react by producing insulin, which removes glucose from your blood by topping up your glycogen stores, which can then be used for your marathon. Adding variety could actually help you absorb just a little extra for your endurance competition.

In our experience the heavier you feel the more calories you will have available for the marathon.