Compression Clothing for Ironman Triathlon

Clothing for heightened agility, reduces fatigue.Items can also vary in pressure ratings or graduated pressure throughout the compression garment to improve blood flow to the heart.
How it works.
Maximum amount of pressure at furthest away from the heart and reduction in pressure towards the heart working on the principle Panels designed for muscle stability.
Manufacturers claim that compression clothing increases blood circulation and reduces fatigue.
Research from sports institutes have found evidence that compression clothing helps with quicker recovery. 2XU clothing claim to prove that Compression sports wear is Not the same as medical compression clothing as they are designed much differently.

Studies have shown an increase in venous blood flow in the lower legs resulting in improved cardiac out put.
The ability while wearing this specialised clothing is to maintain more repeated efforts but NOT maximum out put. Athletes using compression clothing have found that delayed fatigue in non power based exercise. Some athletes claim to have a slightly lower heart rate for the same effort wearing compression shorts or tights.

One study showed that reduced lactate levels when the athlete used compression clothing.
Recovery can also come from quicker sweat transfer from your sweat glands skin to the garment which would speed up recovery. Increases in skin and core temperatures create fatigue which can be reduced by wearing compression garments.

What is Proprioception?
Proprioception is the awareness of the body position, posture and muscle movement. More in tune with your body often lost during fatigue in strength and endurance events. When you move signals are sent to the brain about the joint ligaments tendons and small structures found in the muscle connected to the spinal cord.
Acceleration movement position tension is other information. An unwanted movement or force causes a proriceptors to react in a millsecond! An example of this is the knee jerk.Trained athletes have improved proprioceptive reflex actions.

When and How?
The shorts/t-shirts/calf guards can be worn during exercise and after to speed up recovery and injury.
Wearing calf guards during running can reduce muscle shake resulting in less soreness and soon as you finish your warm down compression starts to speed up recovery.
During – Wear during exercise for greater feeling of what is happening.
After - Wear after exercise up to 3 hours to speed up recovery.Manufacturers of compression clothing also claim it enhances propriception recovery.

Some clothing claims to be compression when in reality it is actually just snug fitting always choose a garment from a well known compression brand that is seamless one piece with variable compression areas
If in doubt wear one calf guard after competition for recovery and see if you notice any difference when you have a sports massage 2-3 days later.

Types of clothing
T-shirts long sleeve tops shorts cycle shorts calf guards, socks (race & recovery)

The effectiveness of the compression garment made from cheap nylon will soon lose their compression benefits. Initial tightness is not a sign of quality. Most of the brand leaders use hi grade to give them a long life.

Who can benefit?
Anyone who exercises can benefit from power strength athletes to long distance cyclists triathletes and runners.

1. Reduce fatigue- Otherwise caused by muscle vibration.
2. Improved circulation – Allows for a good warm up.
3. Speedy recovery – Improved flushing of blood lactate.
4. Reduced muscle damage – Can reduce tissue damage.
5. Compression fabric – Speeds up correct circulation.
6. Heightened agility – Improved sense of movement.

Ironmate Mark has used compression
Winner of the Tri-Fest 4 races in 2 days, Top 3 finisher Tour of Milton Keynes ultra race and also Cyprus International 4 day running challenge multi stage running race.
I believe they work in recovery from exercise I feel much fresher after exercise when worn and in the days after a hard work out. The older I get the wiser I become.

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