Core and Circuit training for Ironman and Triathlon athletes

Core and circuit training form an important part of any training program. They are particularly important for Ironman and Triathlon athletes. Many times an athletes core will give up before his other muscles will and this can result in a poor performance.


This type of training is very beneficial at certain times of year. You can work on your cardiovascular fitness high heart rates and dynamic strength.
Done correctly it is hard to continue for more than an hour so is good if you are short of time.
It was often done in the cold winter months indoors but now personal fitness instructors take their clients out to open spaces and work out with the help of Swiss balls dumb bells elastic bands and many other aids.
Often core exercises are incorporated into this type of training. One hour is usually enough. 10-15 minutes of gently warm up exercises then some stretching followed by main circuit training of 30 minutes then 10-15 minutes warming down and stretching. Adequate fluid is required as exercising in-doors working the muscles at speed generates heat. A regular type of session is a group spilt into teams of 2 or 3.
One team runs up and down the gym while all other teams do standard circuit training exercises. This could include press-ups sit-ups dips squat thrusts high knee lifts star jumps climbing up a rope. Once the running team has finished their shuttle runs all teams move to next mat station and start the next exercise within 15 seconds and continue until the next running team has finished running.


Core strength is important when running because it allows all parts of the body to stay upright, avoid wasted energy and not lose balance.
Swiss Ball
Used for core exercises.
Size recommendation
Height 55cm 5’1” – 5’7”
65cm 5’8”- 6.0”
75cm 6’1” – 6 3”
The better Swiss balls are strong enough to support 600lbs.
Burst resistance quality. If they accidentally puncture while being used will deflate slowly to prevent injury.
Now used by the best Athletes in the world.