Cycle Training To Improve Speed

Cycle training to improve speed.

5 key workouts

Complete 15 minute warm up building up pace. Then Include 4 burst of speed of 15 seconds every 90 seconds (75 seconds recovery) to prepare you for the sessions below. Include a 15 minute warm down (up to 30 minutes if you found session very hard) Warm down at 95 + R.P.M.
At this cadence you should have very little pressure on the pedals will be speeding up the recovery process.

Threshold session the back bone of all racing.
30 minute time trial effort @ 8-12 miles.
Split this into 2 x 15 minutes at 5-10 seconds slower than predicted race pace.
Recovery 5 minutes 90 + revs per minute.

Your heart rate should be 4- 8 beats above your anaerobic threshold.
If you completed a 60 minute time trial effort your heart rate (HR) will be at threshold.
Benefits – great for V0 2 max and cycling economy. For all races longer than 30 minutes.

Lactate tolerance session
15 minute @ race pace.
Split into 3 x 5 minutes at race pace or slightly faster than race pace that you would work at during a 30 minute time trial. Recovery is 3 minutes between each 5 minute workout lowering heart rate by 30- 40 beats per minute.

Benefits - Improves the ability to cope with lactate tolerance.Increases V0 2 max. For all cycle racing.

Maintain power out put session
12 minutes of broken all out effort intervals.
Complete 8 intervals each taking 90 seconds.
Start each interval at a steady speed of 6 mph and then stand up accelerate to your maximum speed. Then sit down for the duration on the 90 seconds.

Benefits - improves out put and lactate tolerance. Due to the session only being 90 seconds you only experience lots of fatigue only towards the end of each interval. Excellent session as a sharpener for a race ONLY if you have done this out put session several times in the last 8 weeks otherwise you could end up completing your best session in training! For road racing.

Mental fatigue booster.
Complete 3 x 45 seconds efforts at medium, hard and very hard pace with 15 seconds between each 45 seconds.
After 3 x 45 take 3 minutes SEMI recovery which needs to be at 12-15 seconds slower than your 30 minute all out effort.

Benefit - Take some time to work this out and you will make great gains to be able to help you overcome the mental demands you are placing on your body. The recovery pace is sufficiently hard but you soon learn to flush away lactate while at the same time still holding a good pace and high heart rate.
For all races and building up mental strength.

Fatigue tolerance session.
Complete the following.
5 minute 4 minute 3 minute 2 minute 1 minute 2 minute 3 minute 4 minute 5 minute. The pace should be fast for the 5 minute at your 60 minute threshold pace and aim to have a quicker average speed as the time becomes shorter. Pace for the 3 minute & 2 minute & 1 minute needs to be faster than your 30 minute pace.
You will really need to work on this as you start these from a standing start.

Heart rate
if you use a heart rate monitor then your pulse should be at your AT level. If unsure what this is then aim for a heart rate towards the end of each interval that is higher than your average 30 minute time trial effort.For peaking for a race.