Duathlon Training Program


Ironmate Duathlon speed session.

Purpose to get use to smooth transitions for your mind and body.A lot less damaging to you run legs compared to an 18 minute run 56-minute bike and another 18 minute run.

Short sharp 10% below race pace.

Figures are time taken. Times are a guide try and keep within 10% of time for each portion.

Use first and last session set as warm up & warm down. After 5 minute warm up jogging or spinning the bike. The main consists of.
Session Run Bike Run Recovery
Session One. 2 minutes -6 minutes -2 minutes 3-minute recovery.
Session Two. 3 minutes-10 minutes -3 minutes 3-minute recovery then.
Session Three. 4 minutes -12 minutes -4 minutes then 3-minute recovery.
Session Four. 4 minutes -12minutes -4 minutes 3-minute recovery then.
Session Five. 3 minutes -10 minutes -3 minutes 3-minute recovery then.

Warm down 2 minutes -6 minutes -2 minutes.

Recovery is active jogging or biking. You must keep hydrated drink on bike and during recovery phase. You will need at least 2 Liters of fluid for whole duration.

Time for each set = 92 minutes Total time for whole set including recovery = 1 Hour 57 minutes

Main set = 92 minutes 5x3 minutes =15 minutes 2x5 minutes warm up and warm down.

Short of time miss out the middle main sets (3 or 4 the same or both)

Recovery half time of time taken 3 minutes as active recovery if block of effort is 6 minutes.

Do this session no later than Tuesday Morning before main duathlon on a Saturday or Wednesday if race is on a Sunday.Use this session to learn about correct bike gearing when starting off. You need to go into this session rested and have not completed anything hard above 85% for 48 hours.

This type of back to back repeated session could get you fit quickly. Has also been done indoors to great effect.