Electrolyte Drinks For Triathletes

Add a nuun electrolyte tablet into water for a perfect electrolyte drink. It contains no carbohydrate or sugar so is a perfect electrolyte drink designed to maximize hydration and prevent cramping.

Carry the nuun tablets in their tough water resistant tube. They dissolve in 2 minutes into 16 oz of water for an instant hypotonic solution which will allow your body to absorb it quickly putting electrolytes correctly into balance, easy to take.

Available in citrus fruit, lemon-lime and tri-berry. Nunn is available in all good triathlon shops. For more info check out their website www.nuun.com

Ironmate's experience is these tablets are fast acting do work and the 3 great flavours are ideal for everyday life training and racing.

Ironmate is not sponsored in any way by www.nuun.com directly or indirectly.

We only suggest products that have worked for us and our athletes.