Fast Running Off The Bike In A Triathlon Or Ironman

Please see listed below a few tips on running fast off the bike.

1. A back-to-back session is your best way. A threshold bike, which should be very hard so around 30-65 minutes. Done at least at race pace, finishing at a track.

2. A pyramid set is your best bet straight after the bike Although you will not necessary get off the bike and sprint away in your race you may need to close a gap or want to get a gap. Or just set up a turbo next to the track, don't worry what others think.

By running very fast for 400 after the bike it should make the actual race a lot easier. Iron mate suggests 2x 400-2x600-1x800-2x600-2x500-2x400 = 5,800 meters. Rest between each one should be the same as normal depending on your normal recovery that you have while doing a fresh track session, although in your case 15-30 seconds recovery after the first 2 intervals immediately off the bike should stress you a little.
This of course all depends on what your weekly plan is, another alternative is two track sessions. But do less in your other fresh session. One-track session being fresh then the second back to back which is equally important because it is more specific to a duathlon or triathlon.

3. This could be straight off the bike 1x300 1x400 1x500 1x600 1x500 1x400 1x 300 = 3,000 meters. The reason I suggest a pyramid is because in the race getting off the bike you need to flow quickly then build your effort then run fast at the end, hence the pyramid set. Spinning one gear easier at the end of the bike during your race for the last 3 minutes also helps. You should not lose any time especially if the finish has several turns being in a slightly smaller gear helps you to keep up your speed and keep those legs relaxed and loose.
Part of the problem after a bike is your cadence = 60-90 a minute on the bike & 120 plus running. Pushing a slightly bigger in training also helps.

4. Cadence running also helps, what stops you running fast after the bike is length of stride so to overcome this increase your shorter cadence.
Part of your drills should include shuffle cadence high leg turnover but short strides, takes a while to get good at them, but not many people do them, just like one legged riding on the turbo to improve economy.
Another problem with not being able to run fast straight after the bike is drinking in the last 5 minutes of the bike or in the first few minutes of that run, this only puts more stress on your body resulting in you slowing down.

5. The problem you have is the last 5km run drink after 2km and any fluid unless very dehydrated will not be absorbed until you finish. Don't forget transition practice.