Ironman And Fear

FEAR is another obstacle that Ironman and Triathlon athletes have to overcome. The fear can be about an imposing hill on a race course, a fear of a puncture, fear of a mass swim start or getting hit by a car while cycling. Many of these fears can be overcome with the right mindset

You can overcome anything. The greater the fear the bigger the sense of achievement once you have conquered it.

THINK about your fear, what is the worse thing that can happen and what can you do to overcome it. How will you react? The more times you mentally rehearse your fears you can reduce your anxiety levels.

Once you have done this just by thinking about it come the real situation you will be much better to confront your fears.

Remember that FEAR is really FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL often our fears are irrational and created in our minds. We hallucinate about things and create these day dreams that morph into bigger fears than they actually deserve.

Many times we hear people say "when I look back on it I really laugh about my fear", the trick is to laugh about it now, don't wait until later. Confront the fear and conquor it.