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This type of cancer was not common in East Asia when women wore loose fitting clothing. Once East Asia women became wealthier breast cancer was then more commonly seen in the rich and famous that could afford to wear tight fitting corsets then in recent years to the modern day bra. During this time breast cancer was rare with poor peasants who often seemed to live longer based on parish records!
It is believed that wearing a bra reduces the ability of the lymphatic system to remove toxins from tissues. Due to the fact that the lymph nodes are concentrated around the breasts in women then fluid is delayed from being removed. The book claims also that the combination of wearing a bra and we are exposed to more and more chemicals daily has contributed to a 20th century increase in breast cancer.
For more information read Breast Cancer by Fred Harding ISBN no 978-0-9554-2210-2

The book called "Breast Cancer Cause-Prevention-Cure" claims that a Chinese herb called Qinghao contains a chemical called artemisinin that has been used for Malaria for hundreds of years. One of the reasons it helps fight against the malaria parasite is because Artemisinin is attracted to iron rich blood cells. Artemisinin causes a chemical reaction when in contact with high concentrations of iron present and a complex reaction occurs that can destroy the cancer cell. That is why you should not take iron supplements as this will feed the cancer cells helping it spread that much faster. Successful tests with artemisinin have also help with other brain tumors breast and prostrate cancers.

For more information read Breast Cancer, Cause-Prevention-Cure by Fred Harding ISBN no 978-0-9554-2210-2

Tokyo’s national cancer centre studied 95,000 men and women between 40-69 over a 12-year period from 1990 to 2002. They found that drinking three or four cups of coffee a day might reduce the risk of colon cancer in women compared to those who drank no coffee at all. No benefit was found in men even taking into consideration diet and exercise.

discomfort can be caused by drinking too much alcohol and insufficient water. Also delaying going to the toilet until the last possible moment will also cause discomfort. Avoid wearing tight jeans and underwear as this can also trigger discomfort. Cranberry juice can be a natural way to clear bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall.

affects one per cent of the adult population with three times as many women to men being diagnosed with RA. Aim to have essential fatty acids [EFA] from fish oils from mackerel salmon and tuna. Also EFA can be obtained from sunflower and vegetable oil to help reduce the symptoms.

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