Female specific period cramping


AVOID fatty foods, milk, red meat and refined sugar which can cause cramping.

BREATHE deeply, slowly gently tensing your body then relaxing.

CAFFEINE will constrict blood vessels can cause dehydration and increase tension so avoid caffeine drinks to avoid cramping.

CAYENNE PEPPER is a vasodilator so will help with circulation.

EAT MORE OFTEN fresh fruit and vegetables and also eat seeds and nuts. Whole grains help with constipation which if helped can reduce cramping.

EXERCISE improves blood flow and therefore oxygen around the body especially to the pelvis region.

GINGER with food or in a herbal tea also helps.

HYDRATION- keep drinking little and often to help cramping sensations.

MASSAGE and Mediate can also help to relax and get in tune with your body to stop cramping from happening.

TAMPONS can increase cramping.

TIME OUT and learn to relax can also reduce tension which can cause rise to cramping