General Tips for Ironman Triathlon athletes

In Tune –Relax – Training or Practising – Motivation –BikeTips for the Ironman.

The waiting game.

In Tune or Auto pilot
Listen to your body, may do not use heart rate monitors power meters cycle computers they are cleaver at going as they feel.The world class athletes who win by seconds are the best at knowing what their breathing rate is telling them. What pace is just right?
Drinking and eating becomes automatic.

Tight muscles increase fatigue so learn to be calm so you can stay relaxed. Not just swimming cycling and running but 24/7

Ironman Information
It takes more than a life time to learn everything so take one step at a time. Ironman is a new sport and has only been around for 31 years.
It’s not Swim Bike Run its one sport and the secret is putting it all together. Learn how a long swim affects your bike and may even have an impact on the run.

Training or practising
You may not think that there is a difference but there is?Good even pace throughout cannot be underestimated, easy to do by training your own pace when you practise.
Listen and learn and decide what YOU need to know. Learn as you go. Repeating errors becomes a mistake.

Learn to relax every muscle in your body.
Precise in training to use many different muscle groups. So during a long climb or headwind you can alternate briefly to reduce and delay fatigue.
For example when climbing a hill move a little o the back of the saddle drop your heals and push forward. Do this for 15-30 seconds then revert back to your normal riding? Providing you do this regularly in training during the ironman you can draw from this helping your normal muscles to recover slightly.

Bike training for racing
After you have exited the swim in the Ironman there is no time for a cool down/warm down before the bike so you have to learn in training how you can recover from the swim while maintaining a good bike pace.
To do this you must be able to not stay transfixed into one tight aero position and move slightly having learnt the art of relaxing while still moving along, making sure you are still cycling safely. Not doing his will result in you doing an impression of an "Old man" who has a hurt his back, not ideal for the start of the marathon!

Jack of all trades.
No time for racing for racing sake.
The winners of the Ironman races hardly ever race shorter events, these compromise training. Stay focused and race specific.

Relaxation technique
Unwind and recover by watching the Ironman DVD from past years will also make things much easier to understand.
Look at the Swim transition area bike and run and how the feed stations work so when you actually arrive everything will seem that much familiar and less daunting.

Things often change but you get a good idea.

Think about everyone who finishes get motivated by the many inspirational stories and why people are doing it.
Doing your first Ironman for charity is a motivational but does add extra pressure, better to save yourself this time around do it for yourself.
Next time for charity?