Question: I recently gave blood then went for a run the next day and felt terrible. What can I do to feel better and what is wrong?

Giving one pint of blood is 12% of your total blood volume.This results in a reduced amount of the oxygen capacity pigment called haemoglobin in the blood.

Some of this is water, which can be replaced in 24 hours.Take 50% fruit juice and 50% water to help restore fluid loss or an electrolyte drink which contains nutrients to regain the correct balance of your fluid which will include sodium and potassium.

Water on its own will mostly pass thru your system. Iron rich foods include the following -Beans and Pulses – bakes beans, Butter beans, Chick peas, haricot, Kidney beans, Lentils and peas.
Breakfast cereals – Bran, Bran flakes, Fortified cereals and Weetabix.
Cake – Fruit cake, Ginger, Gingerbread and some biscuits.
Dried Fruit – apricots, dates and figs.
Green vegetables – Spinach & Watercress.
Nuts – Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews and walnuts.
Other - Black Treacle, Cocoa and Chocolate & Curry powder.Boiled egg 50g has 1mg of iron.120g of Tinned baked beans has 1.7mg of iron.80g (approx) 4 dried figs 2.1 mg of iron.12g (a table spoon) of sesame seeds 1.2 mg of iron. Sardines 50g have 1.5mg of iron. Hard cheese 30g 0.12mg of iron. Black treacle 35g 1.2mg of iron. Whole meal bread one slice 35g has 1.0mg of iron. Peanut Butter 20g has 0.5mg of iron. 200g of brown rice has 0.9mg of iron.