70.3 Breakfast and Race Nutrition

70.3 Breakfast race morning

As soon as you wake up.

I can of Ensure/ Nutrament 325ml (341 kcal)/ Nurishment 420g (412 k/cal) as soon as you wake up.

A large bowl of porridge 2- 2:30 hours before with banana & honey.
If porridge is not possible then half a tin of rice pudding from a tin Ambrosia cream rice full fat type would be 189 calories.Try and aim for 600 plus calories more (up to 800) if you normally have a good breakfast each morning.

75- 60 minutes before the start. Viper bar 182 calories

The Start
Also keep sipping a 3% carbo drink up to 15 minutes before.

Estimated bike time

Calorie expenditure estimated
TOTAL calories required 2,590.
Fluid required 8ml per kilo per hour = 560 an hour.

Aim for at east 500-600ml (depending on the air temperature) of fluid per hour the bike that's a total of 1250-1500ml, so you need to drink at least 125ml every 15 minutes or 85ml every 10 minutes (or about 4 gulps).
Remember you will already been swimming so you will need to drink once you get on your bike. Try and avoid drinking too much in first 2 miles allow the blood to get to your cycling muscles first as I recall the bike goes out into a head wind and up hill.

The Bike Menu
0-60 minutes
Ensure drink and water half a banana after 45 minutes.
60-100 minutes
SIS bar half a Banana & water
Electrolyte tablet at 60 & 90 & 120 minutes
100 minutes- to 15 minutes before finish carbohydrate drink.
Water ONLY in last 15 minutes

Run 2 LAP course
Take 4-6 gels. Each one will keep you going for another mile. You need to be sure that you can take at least one cup of water or 2 half cups.

When to take them all depends on how you felt towards the end of the bike.

Felt strong then take after the first mile or at feed stations Aim for a landmark on the course (i.e. at each roundabout) on the 2 lap course.

Option two
Take after 7 minutes then after every 12 minutes.
Time in minutes. 7, 19, 31, 43, 55, 67 minutes.

Felt a little loss of power and any negative thoughts during the bike take gel every 8 minutes as when you get tired towards the end you will need blood to the working muscles and not to your digestive system to help absorb the calories.