The Importance of Hydration

The importance of hydration for Ironman Triathlon athletes cannot be over emphasised. Even a 10% drop in hydration can have a major impact on your training but also your performance. Water plays an important part in all our bodily functions.

HYDRATION Is important for good health. Amounts vary for each individual depending on size sweat rates and diet. A small person who has a sedentary job in an air conditioned office eating lots of fruit and vegetables may not need to drink as much water compared to a man who has a physical job outside in the heat.

Being dehydrated can lead to constipation, which can increase the likelihood of bowel cancer.

Children have larger surfaces area to volume compared to adults and so have a much greater ability for water loss so can easily become dehydrated.

OBESITY can be partly caused by the thirst sensation being confused for hunger. During the breakdown of fat water becomes available so the body soon recognises that fat in diet can supply water that is needed.