Indoor training

Aerobic classes.
This can involve getting fit, improving fitness, and stamina losing fat toning the body. Classes last from 30-60 minutes.

Bike Aerobics
This is a cycling on a bike in the shallow end of the swimming pool on a specially designed bike that has paddles on the flywheel to create resistance. You are usually up to your waist in water. The water keeps you cool. You can also move your arms about to raise your heart rate.

Body Max.
This can be against resistance either a partner or elastic bands. Also barbells dumbbells to get a firmer toned body.

Body Pump
A circuit class using partners and weights.

Conditioning & Toning Classes
This traditionally works on bums tums & thighs. From your toes to tips of your fingers. Fitness aids like light dumbbells Swiss balls steps stretch cords and ropes can all be incorporated into this workout.

Circuit Classes.
Athletes often carry this form of fitness out in the winter months when it is cold outside. Ropes ladders shuttle runs press ups squat thrusts sit ups star jumps dips chin ups and bounding can all be incorporated. Often progression sessions are developed each week. Starting off with short sessions and long of recoveries in the initial weeks then building to long sets up to 60 seconds and having reduced recovery times of 10 seconds.
Different forms of circuit classes are held including power aerobic and strength. This type of training is all about individual fitness.
Each participant works for say 20 seconds doing as much press ups as possible the time is the same for everyone. On individual may be able to do more sit-ups than someone else it does not matter they may be weaker at another type of exercise. All participants work for the same amount of time.

Core Classes
This can also be called an Ab session. Using a Swiss ball to improve core strength and balance. Using a ball can improve coordination posture and improve strength in the trunk region. Often stretching can be incorporated into this class.

Dance classes.
This can be anything from Aerobic, Cardio, and Belly dance to Jazz moves. Scarves ball and lightweights can also be incorporated. Dancing individually, with a partner or a group.

Hybrid Classes
This is usually a combination of many other types of session. It could be Pedal & Pump, Spin & Run, Circuit training and Yoga, Dance and Pump the combinations are endless.

Slow controlled movements to develop and improve posture and strengthen muscles adjacent to the core of the body.

Spin Classes.
This can either be carried out on gym fixed wheeled spin bikes or where athletes meet together with their own bikes and train together.
Each class is different the instructor also sits on a bike and talks you thru a session to music. Instructors can make you feel you are in a cycle race like the Tour de France riding in a stage either flat or hilly. A variety of in and out of the saddle is added for variety. Even in air-conditioned studios sweat rates can be high so it is important to fully hydrated before the session starts, have lots to drink during and after.

This is considered a relaxation and meditation type of class. Dynamic stretching can be incorporated. Very good for posture because of the holding of positions for short periods of time. Also can improve suppleness.