Top Ironman Triathlon Injury Prevention Tips

I've found the following ideas help with injury prevention.

ACHES and pains from training or racing often do not cause injuries it is the training when in discomfort can lead to injuries. Avoid training when muscles are sore from exercise.

ALTERNATE - train on different surfaces road off road grass and wear correct foot wear for the conditions. Add variety to build up better total fitness.

ASSUME = Ass U Me. Even when training on regular training routes always expect the unexpected. Hole or obstruction in your way.

BUILD UP – aim to increase activities distance and intensities slowly. Doubling your distance is asking for disaster. It may improve confidence but will be short lived when you get an injury.

CARBOHYDRATE - reducing carbohydrates to lose weight while training hard or long will lead to fatigue. Injury prevention actually suggests from personnel experience increasing carbohydrate which helps increase training speed and recovery.

CARTILAGE HEALTH - glucosamine available over the counter without a prescription. This molecule is in the human cartilage and as we get older it degenerates. Taking this supplement can keep the cartridge healthier.

CHANCES - do not take chances with the climate either too hot or too cold. Wear appropriate clothing.

COMFORT – if you feel good without discomfort then you will train and compete much better.

CONCENTRATE - for hazards and obstructions ahead. It is very easy to hit something when training with a partner and you lapse in concentration even for a second. For example twisting your ankle on uneven surface, cycling over a hole, swimming into someone.

DAILY CHECK UP - monitor for signs of tiredness. Check heart rate and mood and how you feel walking up stairs. Back off from training if you have done a normal workout and are more fatigued than normal.

EQUIPMENT – make sure the equipment you use is safe and secure. The weights are fastened correctly and evenly in the gym. Your cycle is safe to ride with no loose parts, always wear a cycle helmet even for the shortest of rides.

FATIGUED - never ever train when you are tired as being fatigued leads to muscles and joints being used.

INCREASING - build up slowly for the best chance of injury prevention. Make the journey of life a healthy one, not an injury prone existance.

INFECTIONS - aim to keep away from busy places straight after exercise or after competitions. This is when you are most at risk from an infection taking hold.

MASSAGE - having regular treatment by an experienced masseur will give you advance warning of any minor problems that may occur. Often tightness can be reduced by treatment reducing the risk of injury.

MINOR INJURY - a minor injury today is a major injury waiting to happen. Much better to have 2 days off and see how it improves than train thru the pain and have the injury get worse and take many weeks (at least) from exercise. Injuries can be weaknesses that re-occur avoid then being part of your life.

MONITOR CONSTANTLY - your carbohydrate energy levels hydration and nutrition at all times before during and after exercise. If you ignore any of the above you will at the very least take longer to recover at worse suffer acute problems that will lead to injury or sickness.

NECK PAIN - can be caused by stress. About 75% of the UK population suffers at least once during our lifetime. Neck massage can help and also lower blood pressure at the same time.High blood pressure has no symptoms and causes heart disease and strokes. The neck sends signals to the brain to maintain balance blood pressure breathing and heart rate. This would explain why having neck ache effects many other things. A neck massage can cure more than just one thing. For example whiplash injuries can cause changes in blood pressure.

NEW ACTIVITIES - take things easy when starting new activities. This is more important if you are fit from another sport as your fitness can cause you to over extend muscles and joints not previously used. When you start any new sport it is usually the fitness that holds you back and allows you to build up all facets of training progressively.

PAIN - during exercise should be a red light. Stop at once. Ask yourself why you think the pain has started. You will surprise yourself if you analyze what you have been doing, the answer may be easy to understand. Solving the problem can take patience though.

PREPARTION – warming up and a cool down are vital for injury prevention. Warm up to prepare yourself for the session warm down to get yourself ready for the next session.

POWER NAP - 30 minutes before 3 pm will not alter your sleep patterns and help give you a boost by speeding up recovery from training and also help mentally.

RECEE – research the course before competing to help you prepare physically and mentally and reduce the chances of surprises that can catch you by surprise. A sharp turn that suddenly rises up or down steeply.

RECOVERY – this is when your body adapts and improves without adequate quality rest your performances will plateau at the very least or decline.

REST:TRAINING RATIO. - professional athletes aim to have 2 hours complete rest 1 hour of training (2:1). If you work full time this is likely to be 6 hours training to 1 hour quality rest. Sleep does not count as being still recovering as you are not moving. The more you train the bigger the ratio. If you double your volume in distance or time training then aim to triple the recovery time, this is when you improve. For example if you normally train 3 hours a week and have 6 hours recuperation then increase the time spent training to 6 hours then you must initially have 12 hours quality recovery time until your body adjusts.

STRETCHING – flexibility by stretching to avoid tightness and shortened muscles can reduce ether chances of injury. Seek expert advice for your chosen sport.

SUN PROTECTION - when considering using a sun protector look for the following. Water resistant otherwise you could soon burn after entering the water if it washes off. UVA & UVB protection. Perfume free will tends to be natural and will not attract bugs. Preservative-free so should not cause a skin reaction.

TRAVEL - make sure you are comfortable when you travel as this can lead to sitting awkwardly which can result in injury.