Ironman Austria Transition Area Tips


As I remember it last year.......

1. Quite a long run to bag area.
2. Bag area separate from transition area.
3. Can't remember if "bike" and "run" bags are on the same hook, but I think they are.
4. Bike bag will have your helmet and "swim bag" in it, as well as your other bike bits. Put your wetsuit and goggles in the swim bag and put your helmet, etc. on. Bike bag will by now be empty - I put mine in the swim bag.
5. Can't remember what you do with your swim bag. I think you either re-hook it or hand it to a helper.
6. If drinking and having a banana is part of your nutrition plan then go for it. I don't start eating until 30 minutes into the bike (Ironmate's advice).
7. After the bike your bike will be taken from you by a helper - no need to rack it yourself. Bike stuff goes into your run bag. Again, can't remember what you do with your run bag but I think you either re-hook it or hand it to a helper.
8. Everything else as you have described.
9. Then you go get drunk (not Ironmate’s advice) and cheer in all the other competitors!
10. After all this you will go and collect your bike, swim bag and run bag and go to your hotel for a well-earned sleep.