Ironman Emotional Intelligence

The ability to understand what is required and expect no matter how varied your training is expect many emotional highs and lows during the training and the Ironman triathlon.

So much energy time and effort is spent preparing for the Ironman triathlon but often very little time is spent not thinking in advance to the actual event and when things may become difficult. You must train this part of Ironman emotional intelligence. When the going gets tough the mental rehearsed get going.

Be self aware of why you feel different emotions during the Ironman. Recognize subtle differences with your mental energy levels drops.

It is usually linked to low sugar levels in the blood. This can be from many factors including:-Not enough food in the days preceding feeling tired. Failing to have enough calories at breakfast and not enough in the hours before exercise.

Competing or training in the cold and not wearing adequate clothing. Insufficient regular amounts of food during exercise. Dehydration causes earlier fatigue and poor mood swings. Not enough sleep. Failing to plan fully rest days to recover.

Imagine prior to your event how you will overcome as many of problems should they occur will improve your performance. Positive self talk when relaxing, during easy and uncomfortable training will better prepare you and improve sports performance.