Clothing for Ironman and Triathlon

Triathlon kit.

Clothing that is light in colour can reflect the suns heat from the body, while dark colours absorbs the heat. If you need to test this fact compare the temperature of a black and white car on a sunny day (with owner’s permission. Pour the same amount of water onto a black car and white car same position, usually the water from the darker car will evaporate first.

for training and racing. The following things need to be considered for optimum Performance.
Comfortable lightweight material not too tight to restrict movement or too lose. The ability of the fabric to transport away from the skin moisture known as moisture transportation and dry quickly adding to comfort, so clothing does not get heavy with perspiration or heavy if it rains.
Muscle protection while still allowing freedom of movement. Cycle shorts padding can be made with antibacterial quality. They are designed to protect and prevent the propagation of bacteria and then as a result stop unpleasant odours and are also cleaner.

is important; correctly fitting sunglasses that you do not have to move regularly, snug fitting clothing that is not too tight or too lose allows you to concentrate on exercising without distracting you. Good shoes that you have worn feel almost like slippers will not rub.

are not allowed to be transferred to another competitor without the race organizer’s permission. This could compromise the prize giving, for example a younger athlete could win an older category or the wrong age group gender category or even the incorrect team prize.
Many races require information like next of kin in case of emergency; the wrong people would then be notified if something did happen! Or if you had an accident you may not get the right treatment. If caught you may receive exclusion from future events and even reported to the appropriate governing body.