Ironman And Triathlon Coaching

COACHING yourself has its limitations, finding an experienced coach that meets your requirements is important to improve that few percent, does not sound like much but this can mean the difference of only two percent this equates to 8 minutes for a 4 hour marathon runner or nearly 30 minutes for a 14 hour Ironman finisher.

COACHES can generally improve you by more than just a small amount. It can be the 3D of training putting another perspective on the total picture. It is generally regarded that the coach has competed for a number of years in your chosen sport and distance to be able to give you the best advice. A good coach should have most of the following, be a good Motivator & Confidence booster.

GOOD COMMUNICATION skills are required by anyone passing on their experience and knowledge.

A coach should have specific experience & thorough knowledge of your individual sport. Understand full body movement. Attention to detail, understand the reason for changes in style. Corrective drills to improve economy of movement and reduce the risk of injuries.

Coaching also requires a flexible approach to adaptation, to changes and the ability to learn the latest training skills.Coaches who have competed in your chosen sport can only give advice for race tactics pace & focus during training and competitions. Many coaches provide real life experience.

THE COACH When you choose a coach you need to consider what you want to get from them? One of the first questions not often asked before choosing is the potential coach still competing in the event that I want help in or has ever competed in a similar event? If you want to run a sub 4-hour marathon or a sub 12 hour Iron man has your potential coach ever achieved these times.

EDUCATION, experience and listening to the athlete are vital. A coach should be able to fully understanding swim bike run & a triathlon.

EXPERIENCED coaches are able to programme and design a 12-month macro cycle, mesocycle base phase periodization to peak performance.

Giving advice needs full knowledge of nutrition for life and for sport. Understand calorie needs for being active, competitive & full recovery fuelling.make sure that they have current Triathlon experience and have had success coaching triathlon. the best athletes are not the always the ones who are the best coaches.

PROVIDE STRENGTH specific training and drills at the appropriate time.

TOTAL PICTURE Coaching is helpful for most people. This helps you keep on track with input from another like-minded individual. Good for motivation and to achieve short and long term goals. As you have to provide feedback you feel obliged to not skip sessions.

QUALIFIED experienced advisor will identify any weakness and give you better healthy balance and provide correct structure training plans. Whether recovery, stress and correct phasing. A coach will help you change your current habits and reduce the chances of making mistakes by his or her experience and knowledge.

YOUNG ATHLETES. Children training should not be treated as small athletes. They are still growing mentally and physically so are not fully developed. The ability to dissipate heat is different. Each child grows at a different rate.

ONLINE COACHING An online coach can be one fo the most rewarding and best value for money alternatives. You get all the experience of the coach and have to apply your own discipline.

This is vital because in a race there is only 1 athlete...YOU...and you cannot hire someone else to do your push ups.

An online coach will create a tailored plan to your own ability and help with your weakness and strengths.
Regular contact via e-mail enables your coach to be a major part of the team without actually physically being there. This is a great help to both the athlete and the coach.