Ironman Race Breakfast

This is based on my experience from competing in 29 Ironman triathlons and over 50 friends who have improved by following the guide below.

Calories you need are for your normal daily requirements (to keep you warm, and energy for the heart to beat, lungs, repair and normal recovery)

You must practise this in training in the many months before your Ironman triathlon.

It has been obvious when I have failed to take in the suggested calories on race morning I have run out of energy or needed extra calories during the race. Triathletes who failed to adhere to this Ironman breakfast (practised in training) have not performed to the best of their ability!

Aim for 800-1,000 calories on race morning 3-4 hours before.This could be one tin of Ambrosia rice pudding 425g = 394 calories plus one can of Nutrament 325ml = 341 calories = total calories 735 calories.

Then 3-1.5 hours before one Banana 108 calories (70%= water) and carbo drink 750ml 201 calories.

Total calories from waking up 1,043 calories.

Breakfast 2

Or 4-3 hours before 80g of porridge (1 cup) 292 calories 450 ml of semi skimmed milk (2 cups) 225 calories. Total calories 517 calories. Two rounds of white toast and honey 200 caloriesThen 3-1.5 hours before one Banana 108 calories plus sipping 750ml Power bar drink sipped from waking calories 201.Total calories from waking up 1,026 calories.

Swim = Gel and water 25-20 minutes before swim start.You may feel full of fluid but once you start exercise your kidneys slow down so you are tricking your body to be as full as possible.

Try and warm up pre race for 1-4 minutes before start. Windmill swimming fingers opened. Like cycling in an easy gear with higher turnover not creating any fatigue.Otherwise gel and water 20-15 minutes before if not warming up.