Large Cyclist Training Tips

Hill climbs tips - the following training tips will improve your performance in a triathlon.

A light bike will help but losing weight can make more difference to cycling up hills.

Keep a good rhythm avoid change of pace, keep a constant pace.Stay in the saddle and use your large powerful gluteal muscles.Sitting further back on the saddle pushing down and forward can also help. Like any change do not expect miracles unless you try something for long enough.

Practise on many different types of hills in training.

Correct bike fit always improved performance once you adjust to the new position.

Make sure handlebar width, saddle height, stem length and height in relation to saddle and most importantly crank length is correct for you.

Wide relaxed grip allowing as much air into your lungs as possible.

A heavy triathlete will be stonger on a bike but may be weak during the triathlon run.

Find your balance between being not too heavy and not to light and weak so you can cycle and well run in a triathlon.

Compare your position in the triathlon results, for cycling and running. Aim to be similar in both.

Power to weight ratio

If you weigh 80kg and generated 270 watts then your power to weight ratio is 3.375 watts per kilo.

Improved power

If you improved your training and new power by 4%. You would be able to generate 3.63 watt.

Losing 4% weight can improve power to 3.51 watts without training just losing weight.

Both of the above will help with climbing hills.