Frequently asked questions low energy levels

Question: My energy levels go up and down during training why is this happening?

Ironmate Answer: This can be caused by a number of things. Uneven pace due to swimming cycling and running against resistance wind or hills. Early season racing when you have not trained specifically at a high constant tempo.
Imagine you are a fire then when you add paper or wood it burns at different levels. If you have had a high Gi index drink of food then the quick sugar rush will be soon used up. The longer you train after 15 minutes then your energy levels even out. Try and avoid sugary foods or sports drinks with too much sugar. These will give you a quick fix then make you feel weak or sluggish. Mood swings are often a sign of up & down energy levels.
Much better to have a carbohydrate food like a banana pasta or rice about 45 minutes before you start training. For a training session lasting longer than 25 minutes sip any 6% carbohydrate sports drink and if you often sweat consider taking an electrolyte drink.