Mental Training Tips

Mental Training is a massive part of training for Ironman and Triathlon athletes. Unfortunately it is one that is often neglected. Take the time to apply yourself to the mind aspect of training and you can reap greater rewards than if you just train your muscles.

Take a tip from Greg Norman who never, ever hits a golf shot without first seeing it in his mind. He sees himself address the ball, sees his swing, sees himself hitting the ball and following through, he visualises the flight, bounce and roll of the ball and its finishing position. He does all of this before he even picks up a club.

As with anything practise makes perfect, visualisation and mental training in sport are now a vital tool in any triathletes box.

When is the best time to practice mental strength? We have found the most effective times to be

1. In the evening when you have not trained prior to your final meal so is relaxed and able to concentrate.

2. On light training days again when you are not mentally tired

3. During recovery weeks.

Improve performance by preparing your mind.

These are the times when you should make an extra effort to eat healthy and avoid starches and sugars.

Even blood sugar levels allow you to think clearer without the highs and lows of sugar in the blood stream.