Pregnancy tips for Ironman Triathlon athletes


Pregnancy triggers many different changes in a women’s body during the time she carries the baby. Acupuncture, Chiropody, Massage, Pilates are all helpful for many symptoms associated with being pregnant.
Running during pregnancy.
Continue to exercise as normal while pregnant. Reducing the amount and intensity the longer you are pregnant. You may continue to train by cycling and then swimming as long as you do not experience pain and it is comfortable. All sports have risk, more so when pregnant so choose good even surfaces to avoid falling over.

As the baby develops it will demand more of you and your cardiovascular system so expect to get shortness of breath the longer you are pregnant.

When this happens consider alternative exercise that you are use to such as light gym work static cycling and swimming. As your joints and ligaments soften slowly getting ready for giving birth we careful of back and pelvic pain. Avoid high impact workouts and if pain continues contact a specialist.

The above tips are a guide always seeks individual expert advice about exercise while pregnant.