Half Marathon Race Morning Preparation

Race morning preparation for the half marathon

(1) Set two alarms to wake you up with plenty of time. One may fail to wake you.Work back from the race start to establish what time you need to get up have breakfast travel to the start, allow extra parking time and register if you do not have a race number). Time for queuing for the toilet (15 minutes) etc.

(2) Make sure you have a carbohydrate breakfast like porridge, cereal, toast honey or jam.Have your breakfast up to 3 hours before the start to the food is digested before you warm up. Nerves can slow down digestion but you can also expect to feel puckish so have a light weight energy bar or banana easily available with you. Not back at the car.

(3) Carbonated drinks or extra strength drinks have been known to cause stitch.Caffeine is associated with dehydration but can help with your ability to use fat So providing you have a sports drink after tea or coffee in the morning you should be fully hydrated before the start.

(4) Wear what you are use to nothing new but what is comfortable light weight and breathable.

(5) Take time to put on your socks and Vaseline between your toes or any part that may rub. Avoid doing up your shoes laces extra tight just double knot them for safety.

(6) A steady warm up is all that is required unless you want to lead for the first mile!Carry out your normal stretching routine especially you calf and quadriceps muscles. Do not over stretch just because you are racing. Stretch and hold avoiding any pain.

(7) Make sure your race number is pinned on securely and the safety pins are pointing outwards.

(8) Run with the pace runner for your predicted time as they are likely to run a more even pace. Otherwise use a watch or GPS to help you have a great pace race.

(9) Allow plenty of time to get to the start without getting too cold after taking off last minute warm up kit.

(10) Keep relaxed and watch out for cups and sponges discarded in front of you at the feed stations and runners changing direction suddenly.