Why do you need a Coach?

So why do I need an Ironman Triathlon coach?

There are many books available, surely they will cater for all my needs?

How exactly can you help me in a way that is different?

These are all valuable questions and the best answers I can give are detailed below. The main answer is that if you want to have your best race ever then you had better get a coach.

All the best athletes have coaches and put their success down to the training and help they get. Just take a close look at Chrissie Wellington and what she has achieved in s hort period with the help of her coach!


A bulk standard fixed training schedule has its limitations.

To improve we have to be flexible, sometimes push harder faster further sometimes back off and even nothing at all.

This is because we are Human so we all need an individual training plan.

One training plan cannot improve everyone so is based on a hypothetical average athlete ability and standard recovery rates.

It cannot take into consideration past experience strengths weakness and then plan with any accuracy improvements without knowing current stress levels caused by travelling, time zone changes, nutrition sleep and weather conditions, this is just a small part of what effects our training and recovery..How can a schedule take into consideration any of the above outside factors?

Schedules from books have their limitations because they are based on knowledge we had 5-10 years ago when the book was being prepared.How long has a book been published without amendments?

Our training schedules are based on the latest information tried and tested and passed onto you.

My One to One coaching has a very flexible plan and I adjust it to adapt to you not the other way. The result is you achieve your optimum fitness on the very day you need not before or after.