Running Kit For Ironman And Triathlon Athletes

The great thing about running is that it can be done at any time from where you are. You do not need generally to go to somewhere like to a swimming pool or spend ages putting on lots of specialist clothing like cycling.


Clothing comfort is important when choosing run specific clothing. It is vital to allow you to not get too hot or get sweaty then get cold! It needs to be able to stretch as you run not causing constriction.

Each company has a different name but make sure it is breathable.Thin layers are best in the winter and spring which traps air that acts as insulation.

First layer should be a light base layer closer in fit and helps wick away sweat from the body, than the next layer will be a long sleeve top.

If you find you get cold then wear a third fleece layer if dry or a windproof, water resistant or waterproof jacket that fits loosely.

Pocket for a small key etc rather than carrying it.Even a small key held tightly can make your arms running differently throwing off your running style.

Female Sports bra is essential, but has to be the correct size for proper support. Make sure it has wide shoulder straps and good width stretch band around the rib cage.

A gillet is an armless top so you do not have the restriction when running and has windproof sections to keep you warm from the cold wind.

Never run with bare legs when the temperature drops below 14 degrees, keep your leg muscles warm. Some are just a thin layer while others are fleece lined and some can have windproof or water proof sections with sections that are required to stretch when running.

This is the most important part of your kit. It needs to be comfortable and suitable for the surface you are running on. Correct running shoes for your running style.

Go to a specialist running shop especially if they have gait or running analysis equipment, they will be able to advise you of the best type of running shoes for your running style, weight, type of training etc.

Running shorts are designed to minimise rubbing and may have lycra to allow movement.

Everyone has their own preference, thick, thin, tight fit or loose it all depends if your feet sweat and if the skin rubs. Decide on a sock that keeps your feet warm fits correctly not too tight or too big and remove moisture away from the skin.

People who prefer slightly bigger shoes often then have thicker socks. Some brands of socks are designed for a left and right foot (brand name Falke) coolmax are also highly recommended to keep feet cool and wick away sweat.

Needed to keep out the suns glare wind and dust. Vital item especially if you are a contact lens user.


Keep you hands warm will help you keep them relaxed. Tight gripped hands make forearms shoulders tight which will change your running style. This can lead to head and neck ache or a tight back. A tight back can make hamstrings shorten.

Brightly coloured with reflective. Peaked capped or scull cap.

Record your heart rate, for more detail look at heart rate montior section for what type to choose and what zones to train and race at.

Can be motivational but can make you more vulnerable to vechicles and other people. A MP3 player is much smaller than the old fashioned cassette players and easier to carry.

This can include arm bands reflective vests belts to make your more visible.

Handy to have at home. If you get a slight rub then you can smear some on for tomorrows run to stop chaffing.