Running Tips For Ironman Triathlon

Ironman Mark Kleanthous running in the mud

The majority of triathlon competitors start as long distance runners and assume they know how to run the last stage.

However, the run in a triathlon or Ironman is not the same as running a marathon. In the case of an Ironman you'll have already spent hours swimmming and cycling using very different muscle groups than in your run.

You'll need to know how to transfer from the bike to the run to ensure you get off at the right pace and avoid injury.

At around the half way stage of the run you're going to start to feel it and need the willpower to keep going to the end.

What you eat, drink and do in the run stage is vital, get it wrong and you undermine months of preparation.

And of course - be prepared for all conditions - see above!

Here Are Some Of My Running Tips For A Triathlon Or Ironman

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More tips to follow.