Swimming Equipment For Ironman
And Triathlon Athletes

The following is a list of equipment essential for your swimming training:-

Swimming Costume ideally chlorine resistant.

Goggles - Anti fog to stop goggles from steaming up.

Kick board for improving your kick.

Pull buoy float to reduce kicking and work more of upper body.

Hand paddles small for drills and feel, large ones for strength sessions.

Single bands

Paddles for fingertips only, designed to come off if hand slips thru water.

Swim hat for warmth and can reduce damage from chlorine and washing away natural oils.

Earplugs (can prevent entry of water and infection)

Nose clip - Optional stops water rushing up nose especially when tumble turning. Can also prevent nose from being blocked if sensitive to chlorine.

Flip-flops - reduces chances of athlete’s foot from others when using communal areas.

Towel - to dry yourself afterwards especially between toes to avoid athltes foot.

Wet bag -to keeps wet kit from dry kit. Can either be waterproof or mesh like.

Stopwatch to record swims time recovery and total time.

Drink- to keep hydrated during swim helps recovery. Experiment with carbohydrate and electrolyte.

Snack - food to replace energy lost afterwards. Energy carbohydrate protein bars fruit or banana.

Correct coin for sports locker.

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