Testimonials From A Selection Of Recent Ironman And Triathlon Athletes

Here are a selection of testimonials from some of my Triathlon and Ironman athletes.

"Mark's coaching helped me achieve my first Ironman in my first season of triathlon in 12 hours 10 minutes. The following year, still with Mark, I'd knocked an hour and a half off my PB and raced 10 hours 42 minutes on the same course. I'm using Mark again as I seek to lower my time even further. His coaching style is clear, effective and inclusive. I wouldn't be without him!"

Jevon O’Neil (45)
Buckinghamshire, England.
10:42 Ironman finisher 2008

"I have had the privilege of training under the guidance of Coach Ironmate, Mark Kleanthous for the past three years.

Mark’s knowledge base of the sport of triathlon combined with his experience as an athlete and coach has aided my development as an elite athlete.

I could draw upon his guidance in my training, establishing specific key sessions that would enhance my performances and developing a tailored individual programme which balanced the demands of my lifestyle. His friendly yet no nonsense approach helped in providing a focus throughout my season of racing on a national and international level.

Mark’s commitment as a coach, aided by his clear communication of inspiring and motivating when the times were tough, lead to an upwards progression in my performances as an elite performer."

Dave Brown (34)
Elite Duathlete & Triathlete
11th place UK Ironman 9:16 finisher.
Qualified for World ironman Triathlon Championships Kona and Xterra world championships.
6th place overall in Zoffingen World long distance duathlon Switzerland.
Over 25 outright wins under Mark's guidance.

"Mark’s knowledge is amazing, explains what to do when. He is also very inspirational & motivational."

Abi Gooch (30)
Buckinghamshire, England.
3rd in World Police Triathlon championships Canada 2005 (25-29 Age)
Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon San Francisco 2006 12th (25-29 age)
First time Ironman Finisher Switzerland 2007 time: 11:42

"Mark provided me with simple easy to understand information and help. Huge variety of training never felt I was repeating a past session."

Kirsty Bishop (34)
Buckinghamshire, England
Qualified for Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon San Francisco 2006.
Ironman Finisher at first attempt 11:42 Austria 2008.

Read more about Kirsty's training here

"It's different, scientific, and as a true Triathlete he's made all the mistakes and knows how to overcome them; the old adage come's into play 'If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got'. Mark certainly thinks outside the box and gets results.

As a novice Triathlete, compared to Mark, he always is positive about my performances and looks for the 'good' not the 'bad'. He's always enthusiastic and willing to help, and always has practical advice on how to overcome a training or race performance problem.

Useful information on equipment and kit required for running, swimming, cycling and triathlon, and even plays the odd game of bowling ( I've never seen another soul with quite the same style !)

Excellent Ironmate newsletter, which I've followed some of the training tips, also useful 2 week before marathon plan. I used to get to the start line of marathon s leaving all my best running in the training runs.

Mark's taught me training is training and not a race so you want to be 'firing on all cylinders 'on race day not before and not immediately afterwards.

Good tips on nutrition and sports drinks, when to eat and drink during endurance events, how often and what. And the one that I've taken on personally 'it's only a mistake if the same thing happens twice!' in other words learn from it and benefit from it (shame I didn't listen to you about drinking too much water when in Malaysia!"

Mervyn Philips (50)
Bedfordshire, England

"I’ll keep you on my left shoulder for ‘ironman common sense’."

Andy Jones
Ironman Finisher 2008 12:15

"I could never have finished my first Ironman after 3 attempts without your help and information from your web site. Please do not use my name as I had a coach, who I will not be using anymore.
I wish I had come across you before my 3 earlier attempts."

Anonymous (55)
Berkshire England

"Mark's enthusiasm information and energy is second to none. He has only had time to put a small amount of knowledge on his web site. A highly respected coach by other single and multi- sport coaches."

Vicky Pincombe
Swindon, England
Female National Champion
British Duathlon Championships
Sunday, April 28, 200210k run/38k bike/5k run

"Steven Storey April 2008

I've read through a lot of your website, loads of really useful info, and must have taken some time to put together but for me as a first-timer, absolutely brilliant.
Many thanks, read your article in 220 on cycling, very useful."

Steven Storey April 2008

"Thanks for all your advice before IMLZ. Unfortunately I picked up a bursar injury on my left knee with a couple of weeks to go and 1 week to go I could hardly run, but some swift sports massage and a couple of injections later I hobbled around the course.

I was a bit disappointed with my time, 14.41 but I finished in spite of the injury so I must take heart from that....! And the confidence you gave me. Thanks very much."

SJS May 2008