Feeling Tired?

It is normal to experience a tired feeling after training for an Ironman Triathlon event, after all as triathletes the regime we undertake is huge. However there are ways to recognise overtraining and this can help when feeling tired.

1. High intensity exercises dampen your training unlike steady training, which has the opposite effect and makes you hungrier. After slower longer efforts your appetite increases. High efforts especially running inside heats up the body more, the central nervous system sends signals to your temperature sensitive appetite. This suppresses your appetite so you tend not to eat as much after a hard effort then think it is the hard session that makes you feel tired when it is partly due to not feeling properly afterwards. Were you warmer to start when you ran on the treadmill? Next time check the treadmills, one may be nearer the air con and could be cooler to run on.

2. Often not eating enough in the 45 minutes straight after exercises. This window of opportunity helps you recover much faster. This problem may have been caused from some exercises that you did as long as 6 days before i.e. Tuesday (Circuits)? Did you eat within 30 minutes of finishing?

3. On your feet at an exhibition- shopping etc one-two days before can cause you to increase your fat burning leaving you low in energy when you try and train hard. I snacked and drank a carbo drink at ILW I did not notice you eat much?

4. Not drinking enough in the two days before can mean you go into a session a little dehydrated. Did you drink any alcohol in the 48 hours before Sunday’s hard effort? Or have extra drinks with caffeine in i.e. coke or coffee? This can also make you dehydrated.

5. Every mile you burn up approx 100 calories, so make sure you replace some of these calories straight after exercises i.e. banana - apple - fruit- dried apricots or an energy bar.

6. Regular snacking during the day on fruit energy bars etc can be a great to keeping your energy levels more constant.

7. Did you recover fully from a previous day’s bout of exercises?

8. Feeling weak and loss of appetite is usually a sign of mild over training - not eating enough calories - slightly dehydrated or a combination of all three.

9. It could be a mild form of heat stroke, having a hot shower afterwards can make the situation worse. Have a warm to cool shower instead.

10. Getting up early and going to bed late can also make you weak. My suggestions for the above. Eat a banana or apple 30-45 minutes before any effort lasting more than 30 minutes or have some toast & honey-jam before you exercise.
Drink before you go to the gym and take a bigger bottle of electrolyte, plain water only goes straight thru and will not always top up your water stores. Foods rich in iron include Liver and dark leaf green vegetables; remember to take vitamin C to help absorb the Iron and refrain from having caffeine, which destroys vitamin C. Sip a weak carbo drink while you exercises, if planning a session on a treadmill drink immediately before and afterwards.

Did you know that the harder you train the more after burn you get?The harder you train the more energy you expend post exercises, this extra after burn can be double for a short high intensity than a long slow effort, the quicker you recover the faster you can train next time.

Are you planning enough rest days? Is the rest (non training day) a busy social or working day, if so this is not a real recovery day. Quality rest is a real easy recovery time. All these tips can help if you are feeling tired after Ironman Triathlon training.