Mark's Top 10 Ironman Triathlon events

Top 10 events you must do before you retire or die (doing them)

The “F” word

Hawaii World Championships Flipping amazing. The history, the Island, the heat! If you never qualify go and watch if you never get to watch request your ashes be spread at the start. An event that is close to my heart. Don’t compare race times there to any other triathlon place in the world. Hard to qualify hard to Full fill your dreams and Finish!

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon Frightening. For jumping off a boat and swimming back from Alcatraz Island in Freezing cold waters, even in a wetsuit the icy waters still chills your bones.

New Zealand Ironman an amazing Race Friendly beyond belief.

Frankfurt Ironman thousands of Flashy bikes and probably the largest group most enthusiastic specatators world wide.

Roth Formerly an Ironman Fast and Furious well organised huge crowds of spectators.

Switzerland Ironman Fantastic views on the bike, you can even see the lake you were swimming in down in the valley.

St Croix Half Ironman only half the distance but the Beast 1:4 makes it a one to remember. Fun when you have finished.

Canada Ironman Great spacious clear lake to swim in and Full of enthusiastic crowds.

Florida Ironman is hot but pancake Flat, unless the route has changed you should not need to use your brakes more than 5 times!

Vineman California cycle route goes through the vine yard wine country it can be very hot don’t forget to have the proper Fluid then enjoy some local wine to celebrate after.

One thing that has not changed the distance in the Ironman still remains at 140.6 miles!!

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Posted by coaches and athletes who have completed each course not from hear say!