Training Camp Tips

TRAINING CAMP TIPS for Ironman and Triathlon Athletes.

Do things differently, that is, things that you cannot do during a normal working week.

Swim to Bike at least once. Long steady bike 4-6 hours, within 5 minutes start running steady for 10-20 minutes. Do not underestimate theses sessions they can be very demanding.

Keep a diary and pencil in on the flight out what you hope to achieve in distance and timed efforts so all that spare available time is not wasted.

Do not be tempted to over eat while on a Ironman or Triathlon training camp you could end up coming back with a higher fat content.

Try to go into any flight slightly rested, if your immune system is low you are more likely to pick up an infection on the plane due to the recycled air. The last thing you want is a to get ill when you arrive or when you get back home, all that training time could be wasted.

Make sure you know where you are staying and carry a map & the details especially in a foreign speaking country showing where you want to go is made easy if you get lost. Try and find out what types of training is planned so you can be physically and mentally prepared.

Stretch more especially try and improve ankle flexibility this will help your swimming. Other options is If you plan to go walking do this on a long bike day to fatigue the legs in a different way. If training with a slower athlete makes things more difficult, ride in a very easy gear and try and keep up good for high cadence riding.

Train hard first on your own, either a hilly or interval session before going out with slower training buddies. This will have the desired effect of making these sessions hard.

Try and get a little more sleep without extra recovery you could end up ill or injured, even a mid afternoon power nap.

Try and swim every day to give your swimming a boost, no need to swim for 60 minutes each day, go for regular swim to gain the feel, this will put you in good stead for the next 6 weeks so it is worth putting in daily sessions. Why not try 2 shorter sessions a day. Due to the nature of training camos this is especially beneficial for Ironman and Triathlon athletes.

Tight back DO NOT SWIM with a pull buoy. This makes your back tighter. Use the swim bungee cord and try different stokes patterns straight pull back and figure of 8 see what suits you.