Training during pregnancy for Female Ironman Triathlon Athletes

EXERCISE - when pregnant- you can continue to do step aerobics- light weight training, avoid the stepper and concept 2 rowing machine, try not to stand or exercise more than width distance apart, relaxin hormone makes this overextending yourself.

INJURY - avoid stretching during pregnancy for more than 15 seconds, as you are more likely to cause injury due to the pregnancy hormone allowing you to stretch more than normal.

POSTURE - Good standing and walking posture.Monitor correct joint alignment. Correct bending and lifting techniques should be adhered to.

STRETCHING - Easy stretching can start within three days after uncomplicated birth. Leg stretches non-stressful. After caesarean birth wait till long after bleeding and the external healing has occurred, speak to you’re specialist before starting postnatal excreting and stretching.

*********Always check with your doctor or midwife on their advice about resuming exercise after being pregnant and having a baby*********