Warm-Up For Ironman And Triathlon Athletes

A thorough warm up gets your body ready for activity. A correct warm up improves blood flow to muscles improving the ability for much needed oxygen and nutrients. Increases muscle temperature helping reduce the risk of injury and should improve performance.

It is recommended to warm up for 5-20 minutes. Start with easy light exercise even non-weight bearing like arm swings or land stationary mimic swim strokes for swimming. Bum kicks, Leg swings, high knees, and strides for running.

Correct warming up will allow you to be ready to perform but not too demanding to create unnecessary fatigue. Once blood flow and muscle temperature have increased then stretching of specific areas without cooling down. Then 5 minutes of final preparation warm up from very easy 50-90% of the anticipated actual movements are needed for optimum performance.

You may believe that time spent preparing for the session is a waste of time. The real test is athletes who do warm up feel that it enhances performance.