Ironman And Triathlon Warm Weather Training

Make sure you are increasing your electrolyte salt intake when the weather starts to warm up or if you travel to a warmer climate.

Try not to just increase drinking plain water as this will NOT help. If you have good nutrition and do not ready meals or fast food you may need to add some salt to your food.

Bananas help due to their high potassium levels can help with preventing, including cramps or reducing the likely hood any tightness occurring.

Warm air temperature can help you travel faster when cycling; given acclimatization your running speed will soon improve.

You will also find your heart rate tends to be higher due to the body sending some blood to the skin surface to keep you cooler. You may exercise slower but you will be giving your heart a good workout.

Remember extra temperatures will slow you down running, due to the extra heat generated by your body. Once you acclimatize your running speed will soon improve.

Hilly routes cycling and running can make your body temperature rise as you climb, often you do not cool down enough on the descents.