Weight Training For Ironman And Triathlon

You can increase your strength by up to 50% after 8 weeks even up to the age of 70 if you start weight training. Many people can actually double their initial strength by weight training in the first 20-24 weeks.

Improvements come quickly partly due to improved skills including balance, coordination followed by strength. Your muscle actions when weight training will be much smoother Male and Female athletes who cycle run swim or compete in triathlons also need to weight train because your heart may be strong but your muscles also need to have strength.

Correct breathing means not holding your breath while exercising so breath rhythmically exhaling during the work phase and then inhale when you lower the weight. You could pass out if you hold your breath.

Free weights- always put the same weight on each end fitted properly so they do not fall off. Dropping weights tells others you cannot handle the weight and to keep clear.

Keep mobile turned off when working out, do not let your mobile phone disrupt your session.

Triple dresser- wearing extra layers is not cool and all you do is heat up and not do an effective workout. Unless you are a boxer trying desperately to get down to a weight it is a complete waste of time unless you plan on running a marathon in Hawaii.

Feeling a cold coming on then back off exercising could make the cold take hold.

Any website that gives information without asking enough questions can result in injury not improvement.

Weight training can improve absolute strength and short bursts of sport power but this will not always transfer to improved endurance performance.

Weight train suggestion. 2 sets of 15 repetitions. Emphasis on a light weight, slow and not fast movements to improve endurance. A good warm up before weight training include 10 minutes of running and/or rowing.

Good form when weight training includes slow controlled movements rather than fast forceful movements.
Avoid gaining weight from to much muscle mass. Increasing muscle and becoming leaner will help you burn more fat.

New to triathlon?
New to the sport then weight training is beneficial. Athletes have shown much better results in our experience, as this is better progression than suddenly increasing sport volume from nothing. People new to the sport can also lack strength. Reduce the chance of overuse injuries by mixing up exercise, little and often and vary training including circuit core and weight training.

Triathlon competitor for 1-3 years
For athletes in sport for more than 3 years work on sport strength specific during the racing season. Complete weight training or resistance work during the winter as an alternative to some of your training.

Triathlon competitor 3-10 years
Train more on triathlon sport specific strength. Swimming hand paddles Cycling mountain biking. Run off road on tall grass muddy and sandy conditions. If you feel you have plateau in performance consider 3 sets of 25 repetitions after 12 sessions increase weight and reduce to 20 repetitions.

Elite Triathlete.
The need to work on economy and exact sport fitness is far more important than weight training. Highly trained athletes already have Swim Bike Run specific strength.

Only if you fade towards the end of races then work on economy and better technique than absolute power.

A common mistake is to include weight training for elite athletes who slow down in the latter parts of a triathlon.